Ozley Commission

A consortium has been created to commission Dr. Chris Ozley to compose a new piece for Alto Saxophone and Young Wind Ensemble! The piece will be 10-12 minutes long and will be a grade 3-4 range for the wind ensemble. The goal of this project is to encourage professional performers to collaborate with high school students and band directors. Dr. Ozley has extensive experience in band composition, ranging from award winning wind ensemble works, numerous chamber music pieces for winds and percussion, and an extensive collection of marching band shows. Dr. Ozley is currently on faculty at the University of Texas at Austin. More information about Dr. Ozley can be found at www.chrisozley.com

What you get!

  • World Premiere rights to the work with you wind ensemble 

  • Digital Score and parts, and a signed copy of the title page of the score by Dr. Ozley

  • Performance with soloist Dr. Andrew Harrison, saxophonist and commission director. A different soloist may be used, but please contact Dr. Harrison and Dr. Ozley first for more info.

  • Included in the score, the names of the school, band director, and each student participating in the performance

What is the cost?

The cost for joining the project is $250​. This fee includes all of the above, along with all the performance fees of Dr. Harrison.

How do I join?

Fill out the consortium contract below and send your $250 payment to the paypal link provided. Half you payment will be sent to the composer right away, and the 2nd half will be sent after the delivery of the piece.

I have more questions!

If you have more questions, please reach out to the consortium director, Dr. Harrison directly at the contact section of this website, or at classicsax1@gmail.com


Pay Here

If you would like to use a different payment method, please email Dr. Harrison.

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