Commissions & Premieres

Solos and Duos

Poetry of the Earth (2015) for Saxophone and Electronics - Andrew Davis


Fractals in the Afterglow (2014) - David Werfelmann


Emerald Shadows on the Lawn of Oasi Neumann (2014) - Adam Borecki


Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2013) - Jules Pegram


Five Poisons for Soprano Saxophone and Piano  (2012) - Andrew Davis


Radiant Images for Soprano Saxophone and Piano (2012) - Justin Sharp


Seul for Solo Saxophone (2010) - Justin Sharp


Small Chamber Ensemble

Zones for Saxophone Quartet - Patrick O'Malley


In Memoriam for Saxophone Quartet (2015) - Joel Love


Fugue and Disintegration for Saxophone Quartet (2015) - Wells Lang


Analog Musings for Saxophone Quartet (2015)- Adam Borecki


Miniature March for Saxophone Quartet (2015) - Clare Glackin


These Things Persuade Us for Saxophone Quartet and Marimba (2013) - Troy Armstrong


Images for Saxophone Quintet (2013) - Austin Chanu


SYDEGT for Mixed Quartet (2013) - Saad Haddad


The Sea is Master Here for Mixed Quartet (2013) - Jordan Nelson


Critical Mass for Mixed Quartet (2013) - Alex Heppelmann


Substitution for Dance for Three Saxophones and Piano (2012) - Walter Nichols


Divertimento for Saxophone Quartet (2012) - Jules Pegram


Funk Off for Saxophone Quartet (2011)- Andrew Davis


Just Lucky for Saxophone Quartet, Percussion, and 3 Vocalists (2011) - Diana Mino


Pangean Rhapsody for Saxophone Quartet (2010) - Marcus Wilcher


The Eclipse  for Saxophone Quartet (2010)  Justin Sharp


End of an Era for Tenor Saxophone and Jazz Trio (2009) - Marcus Wilcher


A Tune Meant for Venus for Saxophone Quartet (2008) - Marcus Wilcher



Large Ensemble


How the Old Mountains Drip wih Sunset for Wind Ensemble (2013) - Troy Armstrong


Carnival for Solo Vibraphone and Saxophone Ensemble (2012) - Dave Deason


Black Mamba for Chamber Orchestra (2012) - Andrew Davis


Road Stories for Wind Ensemble - Jennifer Higdon


Concerto for Wind Ensemble (2011) - Steven Bryant


Shadow of Sirius for Solo Flute and Wind Ensemble (2011) - Joel Puckett


Song of the Telegraph for Wind Ensemble (2011) - Ian Dicke





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