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Sonoma Saxophone Workshop

The Sonoma Saxophone Workshop is a new community engagement program directed by Dr. Andrew Harrison, Professor of Saxophone at Sonoma State University. 

The mission of SSW is to create lifelong saxophonists and musicians through high quality education, chamber music, and performance. 

SSW offers private lessons for pre-college students, competition preparation, masterclasses, and ensembles. 

If you are interested in joining SSW, please reach out!

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Sonoma Saxophone Workshop: About

Join the Sonoma Saxophone Orchestra!!!

The Sonoma Saxophone Orchestra is a new, community-based group led by SSU Professor of Saxophone Andrew Harrison as part of the Sonoma Saxophone Workshop.

The mission of the ensemble to showcase the beauty and brilliance of the classical saxophone in a large ensemble form, while giving students, professionals, and community members a place to sharpen their skills, collaborate with fellow saxophonists, and perform for the North Bay community!

The ensemble will rehearse at Sonoma State University once a week, and perform regularly each semester. 

If you play at a high school or professional level, please join!

Fill out the form linked below to join! 

Sonoma Saxophone Workshop: Bio


Which saxophone can I play in SSO?

Whichever saxophone you own, you can play! As of now, we do not have a loaner instruments, but in the future we may have more flexibility

How often will there be rehearsals?

We will rehearse once a week for 2 hours. More info coming soon

Is there a fee to join?

No! Joining SSO is completely free!

What if I can't make some rehearsals and/or performances? 

We want everyone who participates to be fully committed to the ensemble to help it grow. However we do understand that conflicts do happen and we are happy to work around it. 

More questions? Email Dr. Harrison directly @

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